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Welcome to the wonderful Philippines!

Latest News

New show alert! 

We have a new show from Pat Gwinn   called the "Golden Hour" on Friday and Monday at 9am.



 Starting soon is another by the the great DJ Gary Hopkins! Due to start in the next few weeks,just after the midday news on Wednesday's. Starting in June.



We hope you are enjoying the LIVE Show of Ginger & Nuts every Friday night at 7pm direct from the UK.


To keep updated about the scheduling be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook group" POP Radio Philippines". Also look for our page with the same title.


If you have ALEXA



Britbox PH has just  opened a new outlet in Angeles City, check out their site for details.

Tropicana Castle Hotel is in Sabang, Peuto Galera, Mindoro Island. Do check them out. If you are in the South of Luzon then why not visit them? There you can live like a King or Queen with them in this replica castle! Just click on their logo to find out more.

We have so many great shows and brilliant dedicated professionals. They are all so fantastic!

Be sure to listen to a bit of sense in this crazy world when Grace Capsules comes your way at 5pm every Wednesday,Saturday and Sunday. Pastor Nick is a great bonus to our station, and we love to listen to his words of wisdom. This id always followed by LA Spinz with all the latest news from Hollywood ...

Happy Listeners with their Exclusive T-shirts (& caps)

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