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We were approached by New Heaven -New Earth to promote blood donors- due to the lack of stocks of blood due to Covid 19. We are pleased to say we now are running their promotion.  Hopefully you will donate (blood)! 


 Ginger & Nuts are back, and wow what a show! If you miss Saturday 2pm - listen to the repeat every Friday at 10am.

If you listen to the radio when there are no shows you might have noticed the addition of a message in Russian to let our Russian listeners know the real facts about Ukraine. Thanks to our friends in New Zealand for that. Listen on the player below the text.


We have made a lot of tweaks to the radio, and you might not notice them, but we have certainly changed a lot of things here at POP Radio Philippines. We hope you like our site, and hope you will enjoy this new look? We have simplified the design and used more clarity in this new design. As always there is a radio player on every page. Also our site is completely mobile friendly so now you don't miss any of the great shows or music always guaranteed on this station.

 Keep in touch by joining our fabulous Facebook page and group! Just look for POP Radio Philippines. Feel free to LIKE our page too POP Radio Philippines, remember when we get 1000 likes we can add a player to our page as well.

Tropicana Castle Hotel is in Sabang, Peuto Galera, Mindoro Island. As you can see they are now also our partners too. Do check them out. If you are in the South of Luzon then why not visit them? There you can live like a King or Queen with them in this replica castle! Just click on their logo to find out more.

We have so many great shows and brilliant dedicated professionals. They are all so brilliant!


Be sure to listen to a bit of sense in this crazy world when Grace Capsules comes your way at 5pm every Wednesday,Saturday and Sunday. Pastor Nick is a great bonus to our station, and we love to listen to his words of wisdom.


Here at POP Radio Philippines we are so sad to hear about the country of Ukraine and those very brave citizens- our thoughts go out to you. Listen to our message to Russian listeners on this player!


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